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How is your organization perceived by its most important stakeholders? 

Our Services

Research & Content Marketing

We use state-of-the-art research methods to learn how your key stakeholders -- both internally and externally -- perceive you.  Focus groups, ethnographies, personal interviews and questionnaires are among the methods we use to gain important insights.

We create hyper-relevant content to reach your stakeholders with the right messages through the right channels at the right time. We use data analytics to ensure relevance.

Strategic Communications Planning

Every firm and nonprofit needs a solid plan for influencing employees, consumers, elected officials, voters and/or other stakeholders.

We create an easy-to-use strategic communication plan with measurable objectives and key messages that resonate with the people you're trying to reach. It lays out all the strategies and communication tactics and even a timeline for achieving your objectives.

We can execute the plan or let your junior staff take over. Either way, a solid plan keeps all your communication activity on track and focused on meeting the business objectives.

Media Relations

We identify the stories in your organization that are newsworthy, then deliver your news to just the right reporters, editors, producers and bloggers. Our lead consultant is a former journalist who won a first-place award in investigative reporting from the Virginia Press Association. 

About Us

Knowledge & Experience

Perception's co-founder and lead consultant is Margaret Ritsch, Ed.D., APR, an award-winning, accredited public relations professional who knows how to produce results that matter to clients.

Building Great Reputations

"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it."                               -- Benjamin Franklin

We monitor your firm's reputation, spot emerging issues and advise on strategy, quickly.

Earned, Not Purchased

We help you EARN the trust of your target audiences. Of course, we're happy to create and purchase your advertising.                                                                                                   But first we pursue high-impact news coverage, organic social media and content marketing to reach and influence.

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